63rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Tuesday AM

PL2Pt. St. Anne A

Plenary Lecture 2

10:30 00208 Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Research; a Personal View *van Heiningen A.
12:00 End of Session

SC4Barkers Pt. B

Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

Organizer(s) - V. Prasad, J. Yu
Chair(s) - S.A. Imtiaz

08:00 00209 A Hybrid Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method Based on BBN for Process Fault Diagnosis Mallick M.R., *Imtiaz S.A.
08:40 00210 Mineral Quantification in Pharmaceutical Multivitamin Tablets Using XRF and LIBS Quinn P., *$Gosselin R., Abatzoglou N., Salvas J., Simard J.-S.
09:00 00211 Actuator and Sensor Fault Isolation of Nonlinear Process Systems Du M., Scott J., *Mhaskar P.
09:20 00212 Analysis of the Growth Kinetics and the Morphology of Human Muscle Precursor Cells (hMPCs) Using Image Processing and Multivariate Techniques $Juneau P.M., *Duchesne C., Garnier A.
09:40 00213 Detection of Fault in Rotating Machine with Variable Load from Vibration Data using Wavelet Analysis Combined with Multiway PCA Mursalin A.F.M., *Imtiaz S.A., Khan F.I.
10:00 End of Session


New Insights on Heavy Crudes and Bitumen

Organizer(s) - S. Kaliaguine, G. Xu, Y. Zheng
Chair(s) - Eddy Isaacs; Doug Bailey

08:00 00214 New Insights on Heavy Crudes and Bitumen Siewe C.
08:40 00215 PTAC's Collaborative Open Innovation Model and its Role in the Sustainable Development of Oil Sands Asgarpour S.
09:20 00216 Towards Sustainability in Oil Sands Development Isaacs E.
10:00 End of Session

AMS3Pt. St. Anne D


Organizer(s) - M. Eic, H. Tezel, X. Feng, M. Ghasdi
Chair(s) - Hianshe Feng

08:00 00217 Influence of Operational Conditions on Fouling Probability and Cake Build-up in Ultrafiltration of Latex Solution Abdelrasoul A., *$Doan H., Lohi A.
08:20 00218 Polyvinylamine-enhanced Ultrafiltration for Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Huang Y., Lawless D., *Feng X.
08:40 00219 Separation of Greenhouse Gases using MFI Type Silicalite - 1 Zeolite Membranes Carter D., Tawalbeh M., Nhan K., Kruczek B., Tezel F.H.
09:00 00220 Modeling the Diffusion of CO2, N2 and their Binary Mixtures Across Silicalite-1 Zeolite Membrane using Maxwell-Stefan (M-S) Equations $Tawalbeh M., Kruczek B., Al-Ismaily M., Carter D., *Tezel F.H.
09:40 00221 Forward Osmosis Using a Novel Switchable Salt McLachlan J.A., $Jessop P.G.
10:00 End of Session

CAT2Marysville A

Advancements in Catalytic Technologies - Clean Fuels and Industrial Chemicals

Organizer(s) - A.K. Dalai, A. Duan, H. Yang, Y. Zheng
Chair(s) - Burtron H. Davis; Hui Wang

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00222 In Situ Investigation of Catalysts by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy *Hu Y., Wang H., Scott R.
08:40 00223 Modeling of a Novel deNOx i-CFB Reactor *Cheng X., $Bi X.T.
09:00 00224 Predicting Solid Forming Tendency in Residue Hydrocracking Using Autoclave Bath Reactor Yang H., Briese J., Patel D., Ring Z., Eveland C.
09:20 00225 A Green Strategy for Pd/PAA/Al2O3 Synthesis and Its Application in Catalysis He Q., Isimjan T., Zhu J., Puddephatt R.
09:40 End of Session

ET3Pt. St. Anne B

Pyrolysis and Gasification of Black Liquor and Biomass

Organizer(s) - H. Xiao, X. Zou, R. Farnood, Y. Ji
Chair(s) - Y. Ji

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00226 Commercial Status of Gasification Technologies Zhuang Q.
08:40 00227 Pyrolysis and Gasification Characteristics of the Major Organic Components of Wheat Straw Black Liquor Guo D., Wu S., Yin X., Wu C., Yuan H., Wang G.
09:20 00228 Exergy and Energy Analysis of Switchgrass Production and Conversion to Bio-oil Using Fast Pryolysis Prymak E., *Macken N., Pourhashem G., Spateri S., Boateng A., Mullen C.
09:40 00229 Thermodynamic Analysis of Straw Black Liquor Gasification with Direct Causticization Yuan H., Wu S., Yin X., Wang G., Guo D., Zhou Z., Wu C.
10:00 End of Session

FOR3Pt. St. Anne A

The Lignin-Based Biorefinery

Organizer(s) - K. Li, P. Stuart, K. Shiell
Chair(s) - Theo van de Ven; Charles Xu

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00230 Advanced Approaches for the Biorefining of Lignin *$Chen A.
08:40 00231 Extraction, Modification and Application of Lignin: A Review Inwood J., *Fatehi P.
09:00 00232 Economically-viable Lignin-based Biorefinery $Diffo C., *Stuart P. R.
09:20 00233 Understanding the Link Between Lignin Sources and Lignin Derivatives *$Bontems P.O., Stuart P.
10:00 End of Session

FUN2Barkers Pt. A

Fluid Flow

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Robert Legros; Thomas A. Adams II

08:00 00234 Study Anisotropically-charged Platy Minerals from Direct Interaction Force Measurement Using AFM Yan L., *$Xu Z., Masliyah J.
08:20 00235 Double-Helical Microscale Fluid Containment *$Lowry B.J.
08:40 00236 Detailed Hydrodynamics of High Flux/Density Gas-Solid Flow in a Multifunctional Circulating Fluidized Bed Wang C., Zhu J., Barghi S., Li C.
09:00 00237 Two-Phase Convective Mixing of Carbon Dioxide in Deep Saline Aquifers: Effect of Capillary Transition Zone $Emami-Meybodi H., *Hassanzadeh H.
09:20 00238 Investigation of the Cavern Deformation in the Continuous-flow Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids Possessing Yield Stress *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
09:40 End of Session

WWT2Marysville B

Membrane Bioreactor Applications

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - P. McCarthy; S. Grant

08:00 00239 Anaerobic Pretreatment Followed by Aerobic MBR Polishing of Industrial Wastewater from a Large Corn Processor in the US Midwest Scott D.B., *McCarthy P.J., Grant S.R.
08:20 00240 An Innovative Sludge-Bed Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (SB-AnMBR) for Industrial Wastewaters: Feasibility and Kinetic Analysis *$Kale M.M., Singh K.S.
08:40 00241 Performance of an MBR System Treating Snack Food Wastewater in the US Southeast Scott D.B., *Christian S.J., Grant S.R., Benavidez R., Allison M.
Keynote Lecture:

09:00 00242 Membrane Bioreactor Application to Industrial Wastewaters *McCarthy P.
09:20 End of Session

MSE1Nashwaaksis A

Polymer Reaction Engineering

Organizer(s) - T. Bender, B. Lessard, M. Maric
Chair(s) - B. Lessard

08:00 00243 Preparation of Metal-Organic Framework Films by Electrodeposition Method Zhu H., Liu H., Zhitomirsky I., Zhu S.
08:20 00244 Effect of Mixing Geometry and Configuration on PMMA Latex Quality in a Batch Reactor *Fathi Roudsari S, $Ein-Mozaffari F, Dhib R
08:40 Syncrude Canada Innovation Award Lecture:

08:40 00245 Macromolecular Re-Engineering, an Alternate path to Sustainability *Faucher S.
09:20 00246 Preparation and Application of Nanoparticles with Functional Active Groups in Improving Paper Wet-strength Shi S., Yang S., Fu Q., *Pelton R.
09:40 End of Session

MSE2Nashwaaksis A

Polymer and Macromolecules for Biomedical Applications

Organizer(s) - T. Bender, B. Lessard, M. Maric

09:20 00247 Amphoteric Calix[8]arene-based Complex for pH-triggered Drug Delivery Xue Y., *Xiao H., Guan Y., Zheng A.
09:40 00248 Using Metal Ions to Tune the Surface Reactivity and Biocompatibility of Teflon Coated with Diamond Like Carbon *$Sammynaiken R., Maley J., Zhang W., Hirose A.
10:00 End of Session

OAG3Pt. St. Anne C

Heavy Oil Recovery and Upgrading

Organizer(s) - L. Romero-Zeron, B. Peachey, H. Hejazi
Chair(s) - H. Hejazi; L. Romero-Zeron

Keynote Lecture

08:00 00249 Market Challenges for Canadian Heavy Oil Heida J.
08:40 00250 Asphaltene Conversion by Halogenation Prado G.H.C., De Klerk A.
09:00 00251 Denitrogenation of Bitumen Derived Gas Oils using Immobilized Polymers Misra P., Rizwan D., *$Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
09:20 00252 Technical Life Cycle Assessment of a Partial-Upgrading Option for the Oil Sands Industry $Marshman G., *Bergerson J., Pereira* P.
09:40 End of Session

PSM3Nashwaaksis B

Risk Control 1

Organizer(s) - J. Johnson, P. Amyotte, H. Cheddie, L. Morrison, M. Brownstein
Chair(s) - N. Cheddie

08:00 00253 An Event-based Alarm System Dalpatadu K.P.S., *Khan F.I., Ahmed S.
08:30 00254 Risk-based Warning System Design for Process Facilities using Loss Functions Hashemi S.J., Ahmed S., $Khan F.I.
09:00 00255 International Controls on Hazardous Chemicals *$Brownstein M.
09:30 00256 Integration of Process Safety and Fire Protection Brewer R., Clouthier M., Morrison L.
10:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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