63rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday AM

FUN1Barkers Pt. A

Chemical Kinetics

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Zhenghe Xu; Nicholas Abatzoglou

08:00 00020 A Novel Kinetic Analysis for CO2 Gasification $Gomez R.A., *Mahinpey N., Silbermann R.
08:20 00021 Understanding the Mechanisms of Gas Hydrate Growth Promotion via Surfactants Verrett J.D., *$Servio P.
08:40 00022 Understanding Gasification Reactivity Behaviour of Four Biomass Samples from USA Based on Modelling and Thermodynamic Equilibrium Calculations of Ash Components *$Moilanen A., Lehtinen J., Umeki. K., Backman R., Hannula I.
09:00 00023 Micro Fluidized Bed Reaction Analysis and Its Applications Yu J., *Xu G.W., Yue J.R., Wang J.M., Zeng X., $Ji Y.
09:20 End of Session

Monday PM

FUN2Barkers Pt. A

Fluid Flow

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Zhenghe Xu; Nicholas Abatzoglu; Sophia (Quan) He; Jacob Masliyah

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00138 Implication of Electrokinetics in Channel Flow and Porous Media Masliyah J., Zholkovskiy E., Nazemifard N.
13:40 00139 Ozone Decomposition in a High Density Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser Wang C., Zhu J., Barghi S.
14:00 00140 Preliminary Investigation on Hydrodynamics Characteristics of Oscillatory Flow Technology in Minichannels Shanmugam K., *$Donaldson A.
14:20 00141 Investigation on the Mixing Performance of the SuperblendTM Coaxial Mixer Wang X., *Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
14:40 00142 SPRITE MRI: A Non-invasive, Non-optical Measurement Technique for Multiphase Flows Adair A., Mastikhin I.V., *Newling B.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00143 Influence of Hopper Geometry on Radial and Axial Concentration Profiles in Flows of Segregated and Homogenized Granular Mixtures *$Abatzoglou N., Castellanos Gil E., Gosselin R.
15:50 00144 To Visualize the Flow Field of Continuous-flow Mixing of Biopolymer Solutions Inside an Agitated Tank using Electrical Resistance Tomography *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
16:10 00145 Liquid Bridge Stability with a Free Contact Line: Catenoid Limit *Akbari A., Hill R.J., van de Ven T.G.M.
16:30 00146 Analysis of the Generation of Pickering Emulsions at Process Scale *$Tsabet E., Fradette L.
16:50 End of Session

FUN-PPt. St. Anne Foyer

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00147 Study on Solids Discharging Characteristics in the Trickle Valve of the Cyclone Dipleg in FCCU *Yan C., Wei Y., Liu R., Li X., Song J., Chen J.
17:30 00148 Design of Triboelecteric Charging Gun Analysis of Electrostatic Powder Coating Process using Coupled DEM-LES Simulation Matano N., Shimosaka A., Shirakawa Y., *Hidaka J.
17:30 00149 Numerical Analysis of Erosion of the Pipe Distributor in the FCCU $Li X.M., Yan C.Y., Wei Y.D., *Sun G.G.
17:30 00150 Recovery of Waste Heat from Flue Gas of a Boiler in a Pasteurized Milk Plant by Implementation of a Designed Economizer *$Kittisupakorn P., Niamsuwan S.
17:30 00151 Prediction of Filtration Characteristics of Fine Particles using DEM-CFD Simulation Muranaka E., Yoshida Y., Shimosaka A., Shirakawa Y., *Hidaka J., Nishiura D., Sakaguchi H.
17:30 00152 Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling for Combustion of Ash Free Coal Shabani A.
17:30 00153 Thermal and Oxidative Degradation of AHPD Aqueous Solutions used for CO2 Capture Bougie F., Moreau V., Iliuta M.C.
17:30 00154 Solubility Measurements and Modeling of Semi-Clathrate Hydrates formed with Different Compositions of Tetra-n-Butyl Ammonium Bromide Renault-Crispo J.S., Verrett J., *$Servio P.
17:30 00155 Evaluation for Dispersibility of Metal Phthalocyanine Complex using Hansen Solubility Parameter Maeda Y., Sato T., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00156 Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids Sumikawa M., Sato T., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00157 CFD-Based Hazard Analysis of Gas Dispersion During Instrumentation Blowdown Grady M.H., *$Haelssig J.B., Walker J.I., Bylhouwer B., Springer A.
19:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

FUN2Barkers Pt. A

Fluid Flow

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Robert Legros; Thomas A. Adams II

08:00 00234 Study Anisotropically-charged Platy Minerals from Direct Interaction Force Measurement Using AFM Yan L., *$Xu Z., Masliyah J.
08:20 00235 Double-Helical Microscale Fluid Containment *$Lowry B.J.
08:40 00236 Detailed Hydrodynamics of High Flux/Density Gas-Solid Flow in a Multifunctional Circulating Fluidized Bed Wang C., Zhu J., Barghi S., Li C.
09:00 00237 Two-Phase Convective Mixing of Carbon Dioxide in Deep Saline Aquifers: Effect of Capillary Transition Zone $Emami-Meybodi H., *Hassanzadeh H.
09:20 00238 Investigation of the Cavern Deformation in the Continuous-flow Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids Possessing Yield Stress *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
09:40 End of Session

Tuesday PM

FUN3Barkers Pt. A

Heat and Mass Transfer

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Robert Legros; Michael Pegg

13:00 00307 An Immersed Boundary Condition Method for Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer O'Malley D.J., *$Haelssig J.B.
13:20 00308 Determination of Multi-Component Concentration Dependent Diffusivities in Gas-Polymer Systems Sani A., *Upreti S., Mozaffari F., $Wu J.
13:40 00309 Using Dynamic Tests and Tomography Images to Analyze the Fully Mixed Volume in a Continuous Mode and Cavern Volume in a Batch Mode for the Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
14:00 00310 The Effect of Phase Contacting Patterns on Gas Hydrate Synthesis in a Bubble Column Oddy S., Servio P., Macchi A.
14:20 00311 Thermal Convection in Shallow Cylindrical Pools: A Numerical Study *$Pletnyov F.M., Jeje A.A.
14:40 00312 Modeling of Conical Spouted Bed Drying using a Multiscale Approach $Spreutels L., *Legros R., Haut B., Chaouki J., Bertrand F.
15:00 End of Session

FUN4Barkers Pt. A

Separation Processes

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Michael Pegg; Sophia (Quan) He

15:30 00313 Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of lipids from Scenudesmus sp. Microalgae Taher H., *$Al-Zuhair S., Al-Marzouqi A., Hayik Y., Farid M.
15:50 00314 Design of New Semicontinuous Processes for Separation of BTX Meidanshahi V., *Adams II T.A.
16:10 00315 Dewaterability of As-mined Kaolin Slurry as a Model for Understanding Oilsands Tailings 1. The Effects of Dissolved Electrolytes *$Angle C.W., Dabros T.
16:30 00316 Peptide-Ore Interaction Screening by use of Phage Display Combinatorial Library Tremblay-Bouliane K., Olsen C., Moineau S., Tremblay D., *$Garnier A.
16:50 00317 CO2 Capture by Aqueous Amine Solutions in Membrane Contactors: Analysis of Amine Solutions and Membrane Contactors Modifications on Absorption Performance Bougie F., Iliuta M.C.
17:10 End of Session

Wednesday AM

FUN5Barkers Pt. A


Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Brian Lowry; Garry Rempel

08:00 00368 Exergy as a Key Performance Indicator of Energy Efficiency in Kraft Processes Ammara R., Dewulf J., Paris J., Fradette L.
08:20 00369 Molecular-level Simulation of Dew-points of Fluid Mixtures and Application to Refrigerant Cycle Design *$Smith W.R., Skvorova M.
08:40 00370 A Novel Vessel Design for Velocity Controlled Directional Crystallization of High-Pressure Gas Hydrate Systems DuQuesnay J.R., *Beltran J.G.
09:00 00371 Equilibria and Microchannel Extraction Study of Aromatics Separation from Synthetic Mixture Mohan R., Arun Kumar U.K.
09:20 00372 Olefin Plant Energy Saving Through Reduction of Exergy Losses in Existing Compressors *Tahouni N., Pirmahboub H.R.
09:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

FUN6Barkers Pt. A

Transport Processes

Organizer(s) - Y. Zheng, R. Lange
Chair(s) - Dominic Barz; Brian Lowry; Ying Zheng

Keynote Lecture:

13:00 00430 Supercritical Fluid Assisted Recovery of Organometallic Catalysts from Polymers Yang L., Pan Q., Rempel G.L.
13:40 00431 Streaming Potential Revisited: Why it is Important to Measure In-Situ Liquid Conductivities Saini R., *$Barz D.
14:00 00432 Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Study the Effect of Fluid Yield Stress, Consistency Index, and Flow Behavior Index on the Dynamic Behavior of the Continuous-Flow Mixing of Herschel-Bulkley Fluids *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
14:20 00433 Investigation and Improvement of Flow Distribution in Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor Cai J.J., $Hawboldt K.
14:40 00434 Analysis of Particle Breakage and Grinding Process using DEM Simulation Ishihara S., *Zhang Q., $Kano J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00435 Water Vapor Permeability of Modified Cellulose Fiber-based Materials Bedane A., *Eic M.
15:50 00436 CFD Study of Methane Steam Reforming and Methane Oxidation in a Catalytic Plate Reactor Mundhwa M., Peppley B.A., Thurgood C.P.
16:10 00437 Effect of Various Operating Conditions and Design Parameters on the Ratio of Residence Time to Batch Mixing Time in the Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
16:30 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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