63rd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Environment

Monday AM

WWT1Marysville B

Advances in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - K. Singh

Keynote Lecture:

08:00 00024 Zeolite Adsorption of Alkaline Metals for Hydrofracking Process Water Treatment Lee E., Mokhtari H., Latulippe D.R.
08:40 00025 Degradation of Naphthenic Acids by Catalytic Ozonation for Wastewater Treatment Al jibouri A.K.H., *Wu J.
09:00 00026 Post-Treatment of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Effluent Debnath D., *Singh K.S.
09:20 00027 Electrocoagulation at the Bench-Scale for the Treatment of Synthetic Produced Water Lee S.Y., Gagnon G.A.
09:40 End of Session

Monday PM

WWT1Marysville B

Advances in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - P. McCarthy; S. Grant; M. Ray; K. Singh

13:00 00158 Selective Recovery of Ag+ from Bimetallic Aqueous Solution by Pretreated Brown Algae Zhang Y., Yao S., Mao C.
13:20 00159 Introduction to the Problem of Diffusion Resistance During Electrochemical Waste Water Treatment Reda M.
13:40 00160 Experimental Study and Kinetic Modeling of Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Polyvinyl Alcohol by UV/ H2O2 Process Hamad D., $Mehrvar M., *Dhib R.
14:00 00161 Removal of Organics and Nutrients from Domestic Wastewater using a Vertical Subsurface-Flow Constructed Wetland in the City of Cartagena, Colombia Bustillo-Lecompte C.F., Mehrvar M., Quiñones-Bolaños E., Ardila-Sanchez J.A., Ramos-Romero J.A., Castro-Faccetti C.F.
14:20 00162 Wastewater Management in the Unconventional Gas Industry: Strategies, Technologies, and New Brunswick's Rules for Industry *$Bell S.
14:40 00163 Combination of Advanced Oxidation and Activated Sludge Processes for Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Mowla A., *Mehrvar M., Dhib R.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 00164 Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment of Sugarcane Molasses-Based Yeast Manufacturing Wastewater Case Study of ADI-BVF and ADI-SBR Treatment System in Mexico *Molina J.A., Zelaya M.S., Mi Z.Y.
15:50 End of Session

WWT-PPt. St. Anne Foyer

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray

From 17:30 until 19:00

17:30 00165 Regenaration of Nitric Acid in Etching Wastes Descharged from Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Kobayashi K., Hasegawa T., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00166 Development of Regeneration Process of HF in Acid Waste Deschared from the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Hasegawa T., Takakura K., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00167 Decomposition of the Pharmaceutical Compounds in Waste Water using Advanced Oxidation Process Yamauchi S., Suzuki H., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00168 Development of a Compact AOP Reactor and its Phenol Decomposition Properties Suzuki H., Yamauchi S., Araki S., *Yamamoto H.
17:30 00169 Anaerobic Biodegradation of Naphthenic Acids Under Denitrifying Conditions, An Alternative for Treatment of Oil Sand Process Waters Gunawan Y., Dalai A.K., *Nemati M.
17:30 00170 Sorption Kinetics of Selenium with Magnetite and Its Composites with Activated Carbon Sammynaiken R., Kwon J., Wilson L.
17:30 00171 Biodegradation of Short Chain Fatty Acids and Phenol in Microbial Fuel Cells with Granular Graphite Electrodes Moreno L., Predicala B., *$Nemati M.
19:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

WWT2Marysville B

Membrane Bioreactor Applications

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - P. McCarthy; S. Grant

08:00 00239 Anaerobic Pretreatment Followed by Aerobic MBR Polishing of Industrial Wastewater from a Large Corn Processor in the US Midwest Scott D.B., *McCarthy P.J., Grant S.R.
08:20 00240 An Innovative Sludge-Bed Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (SB-AnMBR) for Industrial Wastewaters: Feasibility and Kinetic Analysis *$Kale M.M., Singh K.S.
08:40 00241 Performance of an MBR System Treating Snack Food Wastewater in the US Southeast Scott D.B., *Christian S.J., Grant S.R., Benavidez R., Allison M.
Keynote Lecture:

09:00 00242 Membrane Bioreactor Application to Industrial Wastewaters *McCarthy P.
09:20 End of Session

Tuesday PM

WWT3Marysville B

Biosolids Treatment and Value Addition

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - R.D. Tyagi; D.G. Allen

13:00 00318 Primary Sludge Addition for Enhanced BioSludge Dewatering Amin P.H., Tran H., *$Allen D.G.
13:20 00319 Bioflocculants Produced by Bacterial Strains in Consortium and their Potential Applications in Environmental Pollution Control *More T.T., Yan S., $Tyagi R.D., Surampalli R.Y.
13:40 00320 Co-Gasification of Industrial Waste with Anthracite for Lurgi Gasification Xiongchao L., Bin T., Fangfang Y., Yaheng P., *$Yonggang W., Deping X.
14:00 00321 Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge Based on Energy Balance Sridhar P., $Tyagi R.D., *Song Y., Surampalli R.Y.
14:20 End of Session

WWT4Marysville B

Climate Change and Green Technology

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - W. Anderson; K. Singh

15:30 00322 Directed Evolution Using Self-Cycling Fermentation to Improve the Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene Sulfone by Rhodococcus rhodochrous De Man A., de Klerk A., Sauvageau D.
15:50 00323 Evaluation of the Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Denitrifying Fluidized Bed Bioreactors (DFBBRs) Treating Municipal Wastewater $Eldyasti A., Zhu J., *Nakhla G.
16:10 00324 Evaluation of an Electrocoagulation Column for the Removal of Cr(VI) from Brackish Groundwater Hamdan S.S., *$El-Naas M.H.
16:30 End of Session

Wednesday AM

WWT5Marysville B

Emerging Contaminants and Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - M. Ray

08:00 00373 Genotoxicity and Estrogencity of Sulfamethoxazole and 17- Estradiol: Effect of Advance Oxidation Treatments Ali S., $Rehmann L., *Ray M.
08:20 00374 Treatment of Thiosalts using Biomass Ash from Pulp and Paper Mill Boilers *Range B.M.K, Hawboldt K.
08:40 00375 Removal of Naphthenic Acids from Oil Sands Process Water using Physico-chemical Methods *Kumar P., Meda V., Headley J., Kerry P., Dalai A.
09:00 00376 Activated Carbon Aerosol Design for Efficient Flue Gas Stream Capture of Elemental Mercury Shewchuk S.R., Dalai A.K., Azargohar R.
09:20 00377 Photochemical Treatment of Nitrous Oxide Air Emissions Anderson W.A., Moralejo C.
09:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

WWT6Marysville B

Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - K. Singh, S. Grant, P. McCarthy, M. Ray
Chair(s) - A. Dalai; A. Bassi

13:00 00438 Assessment of Sulfur Trioxide Emissions from a Coal-fired Fluidized-bed Under Normal and Staged Combustion *$Khan W., Gibbs B., Ayaganova A.
13:20 00439 Tailings Pond Surfactant Analogues - Effects on Toluene-Diluted Bitumen Drops in NaHCO3/K2CO3 Solution 1. Dynamic Interfacial Tension *$Angle C.W.
13:40 00440 Low-cost SCR Catalyst from Titanium-bearing Blast Furnace Slag Yang J., *Xu G.
14:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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